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Standing tall on the home front.


A design for a strong, proud station in a valley that has a strong, proud history.

The WKBN/WFYX operation in Youngstown has, like many stations these days, varying faces depending on where you turn. My challenge was to develop a set of logos, colors, shapes, and typography for all their entities—on air and online—that pulled those elements together and gave each their distinct place.

From the Northeast Ohio CBS affiliate to the Fox affiliate to their unique MyValleyWeather and MyValleySports operations, the WKBN stations now communicate with a clear, unified style that respects the station's history, the Mahoning and Shenango Valley's values, and the energy WKBN's hardworking staffers put into their daily jobs.

On my first visit to the station, I was inspired by the strong, classy art deco letters on the station roof to bring that historic WKBN typography back to life.