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Spun from threads of HTML.

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A bitmap or two, some judicious tagged text, and a respectful adherence to web standards makes design on the internet easy(ier).

I've been experimenting with websites and web design since the mid-90s, which I suppose puts me toward the early end of those who have hacked at HTML. I'm not proud, but I have done—in the distant past—sites laden with tables and sloppy code, but only as a learning process, a struggle towards zen web righteousness.

Nowadays, when I put up a site, I do it as much as possible with an adherence to web standards, which gives me a good shot at creating work that will, someday, look consistent across many browsers and many platforms. That means using Cascading Style Sheets, being sensitive to universal access (many sites are very unfriendly to folks with disabilities), and designing pages internally that separate content from how that content is presented.

If you're a web designer (or someone who uses web design) who wants to learn more about web standards, there's a book that presents it very well, all in one place.

Designing this way makes for pages that are easier for beleaguered servers to push out, and easier for designers to update. There are a lot of folks out there who create very elaborate, cumbersome, flashy sites—I'm not one of those designers. If you're looking for clean, powerful, simple pages that communicate—then you've come to the right place.

A lot of my web design experience thus far has been in creating sites that work with the designs or redesigns I've done for cable networks and TV stations...but I've also done a blog or two for friends and some pro bono work for organizations, just for fun. Please enjoy a few samples of sites I've worked on.