john christopher burns DESIGN

We know how.
  • 3d modeling, rendering, animation
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote template design
  • DVD authoring and DVD menu design and creation
  • Custom font kerning and manipulation
  • Converting images from the video world to the computer world (and back)
  • Macintosh and Mac OS X expertise and consulting
  • Kiosks and interactive displays
  • Flash, SVG, and XHTML
  • Billboards and grande format design
  • Image data and metadata management
email is jcb at thisdomain,
or call 404-492-7567 voice,
or ping @jcburns on twitter, instagram, flickr…
Home Workflow consulting

Getting from here to there, efficiently and with style.

Workflow, knowhow, now.

A lot of what I'm asked to figure out involves getting component x into graphic system y, while adding typeface z.

"Hey, I've got this Powerpoint I want to put on DVD." "Do you know how to make our newsletter look as colorful as our website?" "Why does this look fuzzy?" "Can you make me a background for our presentations that, y'know, looks like television?" "Can I take this picture from my phone cam and put it at the end of my car spot?" "Can you make a 3D model of this car?" "Can you make a 35mm slide out of this image?" "Do you know how to put our logo on one of those huge vinyl signs?"

Why, yes we do and yes we can and yes we will...more often than not.

Being a designer in the big picture is understanding how lots of stuff works with lots of stuff. And beyond training others to do it, we offer all kinds of 'a la carte' problem-solving. It's the kind of thing we have to do for ourselves every day anyway to do our jobs well.

And if we don't know how, where know where the people who do know hang out.

So please consider jcbD a problem-solving resource for you beyond mere graphic design. We're as close as your email or your phone, and we really enjoy rolling up our sleeves and cranking on a tough problem.