john christopher burns DESIGN

Weather custom components can include:
  • Static backgrounds
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Five or seven day forecast read-ons
  • Condition icons
  • Animated word icons ('breezy', 'rain', 'cooler', and so forth)
  • Basemap renderings
  • Overlays and legends
email is jcb at thisdomain,
or call 404-492-7567 voice,
or ping @jcburns on twitter, instagram, flickr…
Home Weather

Distinctive weather imagery that communicates, for markets big and small.

When it rains, our images pour.

We've helped meteorologists create countless distinctive live weather presentations, most using WSI or Meteorlogix systems. We pride ourselves on creating animation, basemaps, symbology, typography and color choices that work optimally with the technology, but, as important, we create a design that integrates seamlessly with a channel's identity, whether it's one we're creating or one we're synchronizing with.

A custom set of animated elements for your system can be a sensible investment that distinguishes your weather presentation from your competitors (who may well be using the same hardware.)