john christopher burns DESIGN

Graphic design. For television, and more.

33 WYTV: We believe in this valley.

Industrial-strength design for Youngstown.

SuperStationWTBS, Cable's Most Popular Network.

Or it was in 1981.

WVTM Birmingham

Alabama‘s 13 is a channel at home on all devices.

First News on Fox

Extending the news brand across multiple channels.

WKRG Mobile

Local television in the age of handheld devices.

KOIN Local 6

A channel identity that felt like Portland.


Because when you cover all of Puerto Rico, that's just super in any language.

Bay News 9

Your news, all the time for Tampa Bay.

WVTM Birmingham

When severe weather strikes in Alabama, they've got it covered.

Verizon FiOS1

A 3D football game and 24 hour news for NY, NJ, and DC.

Quad VTRs (Ampex 1200Bs, to be precise) from the dawn of television.

KPRC Channel 2

Long-lived logo design, big as all of Texas.


Interactive design for set-tops everywhere.

A rendering of Atlanta's Plaza Theatre.

News 8 Austin

Back when Time Warner Cable wanted their 24 hour news channels to have a distinctive look in each market, this felt like Austin to me.

Online design

Web design, templates, CSS, JS, and HTML for the modern world.

Being Mary Jane

Gabrielle Union plays a fictional newscaster at a 24 hour cable news network, and when they needed set backdrop graphics that looked authentic, I got the call.

WKRG Mobile Pensacola

These days, stations don't just want to be watched—they want to be liked and followed.

A re-creation of a Grass Valley 300 production switcher, down to the last knob. Analog! NTSC!

WTVA 55th Anniversary ID

Serving folks for 55 years.

Cayman 27

An island feel for this century.

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